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SHOCKING: BOC Madaki will never get this love elsewhere – Mike Dilibe

In the entertainment industry in Arewa or the Northeast in particular, the current happening event. This a talk from Mike Dilibe with an observation and investigation from many entertainment scholars in the Northeast.

According to Mike Dilibe the love shown to BOC Madaki from Maiduguri is the biggest and genuine love ever in the history of Northeast. In BOC Madaki last event at Maiduguri, with no doubts massive tickets were sold out to the people of Maiduguri. The show titled “MC Gabriel Concert BOC Madaki LIVE”. According to BOC Madaki manager in person of “Yeyo” said it’s with grate attitude seeing his artist with huge fans from Maiduguri, he exclaim that within him he never taught of such, having in mind that Maiduguri is an insurgency state. Mike Dilibe who also met with one of the Arewa graphic designer who was LIVE at the event in person of Emmy Designz. According to Emmy Designz, the love shown to BOC Madaki from Maiduguri will or has never in the history of bauchi been so. Mike Dilibe concluded that BOC Madaki is the most humble artist in the history of Arewa with the evidence of what he saw in him at the Kris talker charity show. No one will ever believe this but it’s true, year 2019 BOC Madaki has the best in the music Industry so far. ARTKIN Record label are doing good and have a lot of big plans for their fans this year. According to BOC Madaki with his manager towards there last conversation with Mike Dilibe

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